Blake Makes Music

Artist & Producer

Blake Makes Music lives in the dystopian land of Los Angeles, CA. A price to pay for a jaded music producer who has a need to put out music you shouldn't like but you do. 

The music is heavily influenced by internet and nerd culture. Blake's mantra is "Make Music Every Day". You can hear some of it online, some of it you can hear if you're part of a secret club. 

You can find Blake on Twitch and YouTube offering musician advice and hanging out with others. Just another producer, but with something to add to the conversation. 

The music is wild, the events are insane, and the humor is niche.

Album details

What happens when a text to speech program and a dope indie producer have a long and passionate excursion? You get the EP, "My Computer Won't Shut Up" by Blake Makes Music. You're going to love the comedy of the track "Shameless Promotion", as well as the love track to the great Kanye in "Kanye West is a Genius", and if you need to get pumped up to start your day off right, you need to jam the "Blake Makes Music Theme Song". 

Originally created as a funny joke to play during Blake's Twitch streams, it seemed like a great idea to release the music to the masses, and let them rock out to this electronic anthem album that perfectly captures Blake's weird sense of humor. 


My Computer Won't Shut Up

Blake Makes Music

The Debut Album. Blake Makes Music is a and Youtube music producer who offers music not to be taken seriously mindset, but you can join him in his journey by making music with him weekly live on Twitch. The album features the theme song, Kanye West is a Genius, and of course everyone's love hate relationship with the song "Shameless Promotion". You're in for a weird ride. What drugs are recommended? All of them.

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Press / Reviews

"I didn't write this. But, Blake is right."

- Kanye West

"What did I just listen to?"

- Pitch Spoon

"Blake inspires me to make more music."

- Some SoundCloud Producer

"These beats are pretty good."

- Blake's dad

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